Saint of the Day September 10 | St. Nicholas of Tolentine, Priest

Prayer to St. Nicholas of Tolentine, Priest

Almighty God, Your glory has shone upon the Church through the holiness and miracles of St. Nicholas of Tolentine. In answer to his prayers keep Your holy people in peace and unity. Amen.

St. Nicholas of Tolentine, Priest

Patron of Mariners

Born at St. Angelo, a town near Fermo in Italy, in the year 1245, St. Nicholas was blessed by innocence and the practice of more that ordinary virtue from his early infancy. While he was still a young student, his extraordinary merit caused him to be appointed to a canonry in the Church of Our Savior, a position that was extremely pleasing to him, as it gave him opportunity of being constantly employed in God’s service. A sermon preached by an Augustinian friar, on the vanity of the world, persuaded him to enter religion. This was not a passing emotion, but a firm resolution, which he executed by entering the Augustinian Order at Tolentine, a small town in the Papal States.

From this town, where Nicholas spent the great part of his life, he obtained his surname. He made his profession before he had completed his eighteenth year. Then he began to run the giant race of sanctity, in which he soon excelled, distinguishing himself especially by the virtues of humility and meekness. He was sent successively to several convents of his Order, and in that of Cingole je was ordained priest at the hands of the Bishop of Osimo. From that time he was employed in the works of the ministry, preaching, and hearing confessions.

The last thirty years of his life Nicholas spent at Tolentine. His zeal for the salvation of souls produced the most wonderful fruit. God favored the Saint with many heavenly gifts, and the time he could spare from his labors he spent in prayer and contemplation. He had also much to suffer from various painful diseases. He died happily on September 10, 1305, and was canonized in 1446 by Pope Eugenius IV.