St. Epaphras, Coworker of St. Paul | Saint of the Day | July 19

Prayer to St. Epaphras, Coworker of St. Paul

Lord God, You taught the Gentiles through St. Paul’s coworker in Christ, St. Epaphras. As we celebrate his feast, grant that, following his example, we may be witnesses to Your truth in this world. Amen.

St. Epaphras, Coworker of St. Paul

Epaphras was called by St. Paul his “dear fellow servant” and a “trusty minister in Christ” (Col 1:7). He is regarded as the founder of the Christian Church at Colossae and apparently also at the neighboring cities of Laodicea and Hierapolis. The Saint brought Paul a glowing report of the state of the Colossian Christian (Col 1:4,8) and sent back greeting to them from Rome (Col 4:12).

Epaphras is commended by Paul for his ministry of intercession, for he showed true pastoral concern that extended to other Churches in the Lycus River Vallex (Col 4:13). He also seems to have shared to some extent Paul’s imprisonment in Rome for the Apostle calls him “my fellow prisoner in Christ Jesus” (Philem 23). There is a tradition that Epaphras was martyred in Colossae.