St. Landericus (Landry), Bishop | Saint of the Day | June 10

Prayer to St. Landericus (Landry), Bishop

God, You made St. Landericus an outstanding exemplar of Divine love and the Faith that conquers the world, and added him to the roll of saintly pastors. Grand by his intercession that we may persevere in Faith and love, and become shares of his glory. Amen.

St. Landericus (Landry), Bishop

St. Landericus (or Landry) was a sincere and dedicated servant of God who like his Lord Jesus Christ had great love for the poor and the lowly. As Bishop of Paris, from about 646 to 656, he labored zealously to improve their lot. And when the proceeds from he sale of all his possessions did not suffice to relieve their hunger during a famine, he went so far as to sell some of the church vessels and furniture.

St. Landericus became increasingly aware that the sick poor of his diocese were not really cared for by custom then in vogue of housing them in little hostels dependent on the causal alms of charitable persons. This led him to erect the city’s first real hospital, dedicated to St. Christopher, which in time became the famous Hotel-Dieu.

Always on the alert to provide spiritual help for his people, this saintly Bishop welcomed the Benedictines into his diocese and encouraged them to set up the Abbey of St. Denis. In 653, in company with twenty-three other Bishops, he signed the foundation charter granted by King Clovis to the Abbey. He died about 656, after having commissioned the monk Marculfus to compile a collection of Ecclesiastical Formulas.