St. Boniface, Bishop and Martyr | Saint of the Day | June 5

Prayer to St. Boniface, Bishop and Martyr

Lord, let St. Boniface intercede for us, that we may firmly adhere to the Faith he taught, and for which he shed his blood, and fearlessly profess it in our works. Amen.

St. Boniface, Bishop and Martyr

Apostle of Germany

St. Boniface, whose baptismal name was Winfrid, was born about the year 680 in Devonshire, England. From the age of thirteen he was educated in the Benedictine monastery of Exeter, where he later became a monk. He then passed on to that of Nursling in the diocese of Winchester, which enjoyed a great reputation for learning. After some time the Abbot appointed him to teach. At the age of thirty he was ordained to the priesthood.

With the permission of his Abbot, Boniface went to Friesland in 716, in order to preach to the idolaters. His first attempt was unsuccessful, and he was obliged to return to England, where he was chosen Abbot of his monastery, a dignity that he soon resigned.

In 719, Boniface went to Rome and presented himself to Pope Gregory II, beginning for authority to preach to the idolaters. The Pope, having seen the letters of his Bishop, gave him ample power to preach the Faith to the heathens in Germany. In 745, the Saint chose Mainz as his Episcopal See, after he had established a number of dioceses in Germany. He ended his fruitful career by a glorious martyrdom in Friesland, where he had gone to preach the Faith. His death occurred on June 5, 754.