St. Justin, Martyr | Saint of the Day | June 1

Prayer to St. Justin, Martyr

God, in a wonderful manner You taught St. Justin, the Martyr the lofty science of Jesus Christ manifested in the folly of the Cross. Through his intercession grant that we may never fall into error but remain firm in the Faith. Amen.

St. Justin, Martyr

Patron of Philosophers and Lectures

Born at Nablus (ancient Shechem), Palestine, about 100, Justin came from a pagan family. At the age of thirty-three years of studying the various systems of Philosophy, he became converted to Christianity by way of Platonism. Thereafter, his whole life was devoted to the propagation and defense of the faith in Asia Minor and at Rome. Though he retained the garb of a philosopher, he is most important Christian Apologist of the 2nd century and the first of whom we possess written works. These are the two Apologies (to the Emperor Antonius and the Roman Senate) setting forth the moral values of Christianity, and the Dialogue demonstrating its truth to the Jew Trypho. They are invaluable for the information they contain about the Christian faith and practice at that time.

In 165, while bearing witness to the Faith in Rome, Justin was denounced as s Christian, most likely at the instigation of a Cynic philosopher whom he had outshone in a public debate. Arrested and ordered to sacrifice to the gods, he replied: “No right-minded man forsakes truth for falsehood.” The six others who were with him remained steadfast with him and they all attained the palm of martyrdom.