Saint Rose of Lima | Saint of the Day | August 23

St. Rose of Lima Prayers

A Prayer of St. Rose of Lima, for Giving Praise

Help me to remember what is really important: that I am Your child You are my Father You love me for who I am and how I live not what I look like or what I own. Let me praise You Who sees into my heart, Who is always with me and Who eases my suffering. Amen.

A Prayer to Our Heavenly Father, for Imitating St. Rose of Lima’s Example

God our Father, for love of You, St. Rose gave up everything to devote herself to a life of penance. By the help of her prayers may we imitate her selfless way of life on earth and enjoy the fullness of Your blessings in heaven. Grant this through our Lord Jesus Christ, Your Son, Who lives and reigns with You and the Holy Spirit, one God, for ever and ever. Amen.

A Prayer to St. Rose of Lima, for People That Are Experiencing Loneliness

Loving God, Saint Rose was a mystic and visionary who received invisible stigmata, and yet she often suffered from the feeling that You were distant. Despite how lonely this felt, she persisted in believing that You were indeed with her all the time, and she continually prayed to grow stronger in her ability to trust You. I ask her to intercede for me when my feelings tell me You are not near, and to pray most powerfully for all those I know who are right now experiencing loneliness because they are unaware of how close You are to them. Open our hearts to the reality of Your intimacy. Saint Rose, pray for us. Amen.

A Prayer to St. Rose of Lima, for Intercession

O God, You filled St. Rose with love for You and enabled her to leave the world and be free for You through the austerity of penance. Through her intercession, help us to follow her footsteps on earth and enjoy the torrent of Your delights in heaven. Amen.


First Day:

Let us ask Saint Rose to help us grow in trust in the providence of the Father Loving Lord God, Triune and One, in the old law You were pleased to be called the God of the Holy Patriarchs. Today you are no less pleased that we call you the God of Saint Rose. We are happy and call on you with the same joy with which she took pleasure in glorifying your divine perfections. You are a Being infinite perfection. You depend on no one, and everything depends on your being. We ask through your sovereign freedom and through the dependence with which Saint Rose always held on to You that You grant us the total rejection of all that is against your will so that we live and die attached to You. In this novena, we ask your favor so that we may praise You with greater honor and glory.

Our Father who art in heaven

At all times, Saint Rose trusted that God would support her and her family, and she trusted He would answer her prayers. Repeatedly God made her see His loving care, both spiritually and materially. One day the Lord presented her with a large number of roses scattered on the ground and said: "Rose, make me a flower garland with these roses." She obeyed, and after that the Lord took one of the roses and said: "This rose is you, and I will take care of this one as I do for you with singular care.”

(Our Father, Hail Mary, and Glory)

Second Day:

Let us ask Saint Rose to increase in our lives the desire for the glory of God O incomprehensible Wisdom! O God, Triune and One! You are infinitely wise. With perfect clarity You know everything. We rejoice with the same joy with which the most enlightened Saint Rose rejoiced in your Wisdom. For her sake and for the sake of what our saint knew about You, we ask You to communicate to us the wisdom of the saints, which is your Divine Light. We beg this of You in this novena, if it is for your honor and glory. Hallowed Be Thy Name Rose preferred to die rather than see the holy Name of God outraged. When news arrived of the invasion of a Dutch pirate ship in the city of Lima (which caused great riots, robberies, and sacrileges in the churches), Rose did not hesitate to run to the Basilica of Santo Domingo, her place of prayer, and await the opportunity to defend the church and to offer her life in martyrdom lest the pirates desecrate Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament. People were amazed to see how this humble maiden became a brave warrior and how she encouraged everyone to offer their lives in defense of the Blessed Sacrament. These were her words in the Basilica, awaiting the attack of the enemies of the faith: “Here is my body to tear to pieces if doing so may prevent the wounds that I fear they will inflict afterwards on my sweet Jesus." She did not stop praying for God to deliver her beloved city from this danger. That is why her images at times present her with an anchor in her hand.

(Our Father, Hail Mary, and Glory)

Third Day:

Let us ask Saint Rose to make us unceasing in supplication for the extension of the Kingdom of God in the world, for all those who evangelize, and for ourselves that we not be afraid to announce Christ to those around us. O ineffable goodness! O unspeakable beauty! O God, Triune and One, you are the center of all beauty and perfection! Let us rejoice in You with that same affection with which the most loving Saint Rose loved you. In You alone her heart rested. We ask You by your infinite goodness and by what You communicated to the most beautiful Saint Rose that our own will be stolen from us by our desire for your divine will. We beg you in this novena to accept the gift of our will, if it is for your honor and glory.

Thy Kingdom Come

St. Rose longed deeply to go out as a missionary and to proclaim Jesus Christ in mission lands. But in her time this could not happen. Saint Rose prayed for the missions. She practiced constant penance. She pleaded with the Lord for the success of the missionary preachers in the whole world. "Oh, would that I were a man," she said, "so that I could go to the most dangerous regions to proclaim the Gospel."

(Our Father, Hail Mary and Glory)

Fourth Day:

Let us ask Saint Rose for humility to recognize that our happiness consists in setting our sights on doing the divine will O Most Pure Holiness! O source of all Holiness! O God, Triune and One, who are goodness itself! Let us rejoice with the same joy as Saint Rose at your infinite perfection. We ask you for growth in Holiness. We ask for ourselves what you communicated to this most pure saint so that we may serve you in such a way that we achieve the perfection that she desired and asked for her neighbors. We ask for our holiness in this novena, if it is for your honor and glory.

Your Will Be Done On Earth As It Is In Heaven

It was not easy for our Saint to do the will of God. She felt that God was calling her completely to himself, but her family wanted her to marry. In fact, many young men from the aristocracy of Lima wanted to marry her, but she remained firm in her desire to be consecrated to God. This meant that she overcame a thousand difficulties and even mistreatment within her family and the misunderstanding of the priests to whom she went. Even strangers called her delusional. Only with the passing of the years did people realize the singular vocation that the Most High had offered to this maiden. The fame of her sanctity quickly spread in Lima and then throughout the world.

(Our Father, Hail Mary and Glory)

Fifth Day:

Let us ask St. Rose to increase our hunger for God by assiduous reading of the Gospels and frequent reception of the Blessed Sacrament O incomprehensible charity! O God, Triune and One, who are all love. With infinite grace You favor your creatures and bless them! We wish to rejoice with that same joy and fire of love by which your very beloved Saint Rose of Lima enjoyed your incomparable charity. We ask you for this divine perfection and for the gratitude and love with which this most loving saint received your wonderful gifts. We ask that you communicate to us the effects of your special assistance and charity. What we ask in this novena we beg you, if it is for your greater honor and glory.

Give Us This Day Our Daily Bread

We have already observed the great love of our saint for the Blessed Sacrament and how Jesus supported her both materially and spiritually at all times. Frequent Communion was allowed to her, which was for her both comfort and sustenance. She experienced great physical weakness due to her prolonged fasting, but God brought relief to her need. Her mother, finding her very tired, said to her: “Daughter, what are you doing?” Her mother continued: “I'm going to prepare you a cup of chocolate because you are very weak”. Rose answered: “Do not worry mother, God has already provided relief, and I do not want you to go to that expense.” Her mother said: “You have not had time to ask anyone for help. How do you expect God to help you?" Instantly the door of her house opened. It was a servant of Don Gonzalo de La Maza, whose family were Rose's friends. Amazed, the mother asked him: “How did you know about this?" Rose answered: “I asked my guardian angel to move the Maza family to send the remedy that I needed.” Needless to say, her strength was entirely restored.

(Our Father, Hail Mary and Glory)

Sixth Day:

Let us ask Saint Rose for the grace to grow in the life of piety and to be assiduous to the sacraments of Confession and Holy Mass O Almighty Majesty! O God, Triune and One, You can do whatever You want, and your power is infinite! We rejoice in your sovereign omnipotence with that same joy with which Saint Rose of Lima rejoiced in You. We ask You for perfect trust in your omnipotence and for the power that you granted to this most powerful maiden to lift us up and to comfort our great weakness so that we can accept what your power works in our souls. Grant what we beg you in this novena, if it is for your honor and glory. Forgive us our Trespasses as we Forgive those who Trespass Against us Rose did not hold a grudge for any against those who, at the time, did not understand the path that God was pointing out to her. She always lived in humility. Even at the time of her death, she asked everyone for forgiveness for the inconvenience she had caused. The abundant grace that she received in the Sacraments of Penance and the Eucharist was what strengthened her and led to her heroism in the practice of the virtues.

(Our Father, Hail Mary and Glory)

Seventh Day:

Let us ask Rose to remain firm in faith in God particularly in difficult times O Divine Generosity! O unspeakable willingness to give and to bless! O God, Triune and One! We wish to rejoice in You. We want to rejoice as openly as your most renowned Saint Rose rejoiced in You. We ask You for this infinite perfection. We ask that you give us the gift of generosity as you were pleased to give it to this blessed saint. Free us from the vice of ingratitude. Grant that we not fail to give thanks for the infinite benefits of your liberality. Please grant what we beg of you in this novena, if it is for your honor and glory. Lead Us Not into temptation Rose was not exempt from temptations and trials over which she was victorious because of her abandonment to God. She experienced dryness in prayer and fatigue in her spiritual combat among other things. Once she was introduced to a suitor who was very gallant to Rose. Immediately, she fled the place and began to pray. She revealed to the Lord her trials. The Lord replied: "Do you think you would have won if I had not been with you?" With this answer, the saint was comforted and strengthened.

(Our Father, Hail Mary and Glory)

Eighth day:

Let us ask Saint Rose for her special protection in temptations and that she enlighten us so that we know how to reject everything that separates us from God O Divine Greatness! O God, Triune and One, who by your being are everywhere. You do not need a place because You are in all places! We wish to rejoice in such incomprehensible immensity, with that same joy with which the most humble Saint Rose delighted in You. And we ask You for the perfection of recognizing your presence everywhere. Grant us always to keep ourselves present to You and to live within You. Grant what we ask in this novena, if it is for your greater honor and glory. But deliver us from evil Rose deserved the crown of sanctity because she legitimately fought in every moment of her life against evil. She always asked for the grace of God that is dispensed in our Church. She was faithful in prayer and very mortified, always thinking of others before herself. If we turn to her intercession today, it is because we know that she will help us in our personal struggle to reach Heaven.

(Our Father, Hail Mary and Gloria)

Ninth Day:

Let us ask Saint Rose that God grant us the grace to embrace the crosses of daily difficulties with joy O great God and Lord, Triune and One, who can become capable of your bliss and glory which You experience in Yourself? Who can experience the glory of rejoicing in You and loving You? Who can comprehend the glory that all your creatures give You? We wish to rejoice in your great glory with the same joy with which the most happy Saint Rose was pleased to rejoince. We ask you for the perfection and the glory to which you raised her and for the glory which you receive from your beloved daughter. Grant us by confessing and knowing your infinite glory that we not fall into eternal punishment but rather be blessed to participate in your infinite beatitude. Grant what we beg of You in this Novena for your greater honor and glory. Amen

Rose had a happy life, united to her crucified spouse. In the last moment of her life she was able to say "Everything is accomplished." She always said, "Amen, so be it!" to God's plans. Saying, "Jesus, Jesus be with me," she gave her soul to God and entered the glory of eternal bliss where she intercedes for us.

(Our Father, Hail Mary and Gloria)

Saint Rose of Lima was born to parents of Spanish descent in Lima, Peru, at a time when South America was in its first century of evangelization. She seems to have taken Catherine of Siena as a model, in spite of the objections and ridicule of parents and friends. The saints have so great a love of God that what seems bizarre to us, and is indeed sometimes imprudent, is simply a logical carrying out of a conviction that anything that might endanger a loving relationship with God must be rooted out. So, because her beauty was so often admired, Rose used to rub her face with pepper to produce disfiguring blotches. Later, she wore a thick circlet of silver on her head, studded on the inside, like a crown of thorns.

When her parents fell into financial trouble, she worked in the garden all day and sewed at night. Ten years of struggle against her parents began when they tried to make Rose marry. They refused to let her enter a convent, and out of obedience she continued her life of penance and solitude at home as a member of the Third Order of Saint Dominic. So deep was her desire to live the life of Christ that she spent most of her time at home in solitude. During the last few years of her life, Rose set up a room in the house where she cared for homeless children, the elderly, and the sick. This was a beginning of social services in Peru. Though secluded in life and activity, she was brought to the attention of Inquisition interrogators, who could only say that she was influenced by grace.

What might have been a merely eccentric life was transfigured from the inside. If we remember some unusual penances, we should also remember the greatest thing about Rose: a love of God so ardent that it withstood ridicule from without, violent temptation, and lengthy periods of sickness. When she died at 31, the city turned out for her funeral. Prominent men took turns carrying her coffin.


It is easy to dismiss excessive penances of the saints as the expression of a certain culture or temperament. But a woman wearing a crown of thorns may at least prod our consciences. We enjoy the most comfort-oriented life in human history. We eat too much, drink too much, use a million gadgets, fill our eyes and ears with everything imaginable. Commerce thrives on creating useless needs on which to spend our money. It seems that when we have become most like slaves, there is the greatest talk of “freedom.” Are we willing to discipline ourselves in such an atmosphere?