Exploiting women is a sin against God: Pope Francis

Pope Francis spoke about the exploitation of  women, and treated like objects, and remembers that without women men cannot be the image and likeness of God.

Pope Francis lamented how so many females are used and cast aside and spoke of the young women who are forced to sell their own dignity in order to earn a living.Taking his inspiration from the gospel reading from Matthew where Christ said that "anyone who looks at a woman with lust has already committed adultery"

Jesus pronounces strong, radical words that "change history" because until then the woman "a second class citizen", she was “enslaved” and "did not even enjoy full freedom," observes the Pope.

And the doctrine of Jesus about the woman changes history. Before Jesus the view about women was one thing but after Jesus they are another. Jesus dignifies the woman and puts her at the same level of man because he takes that first word of the Creator, both are "image and likeness of God ", both of them; not the man first and then the woman a little lower, no, both of them. And the man without the woman beside him - Whether as a mother, as a sister, as a bride, as a workmate, as a friend - that man alone is not the image of God.

The Pope went on to point out how this exploitation of women is not happening in far off places but right here all around us, where we live and in the workplace. Women are the victims of that “use and throw away mentality” and don't even seem to be treated as “a person,” he said.Francis lamented how we see women treated as objects of "desire" in television programs, magazines, newspapers. The woman, perhaps to sell a certain quality of products, becomes an object, "humiliated, without clothes", causing the teaching of Jesus to fall "dignified".

This is a sin against God the Creator, rejecting the woman because without females we males can not be the image and likeness of God. There is a fury against the woman, a bad fury. Even without saying it ... But how many times do girls need to sell themselves as disposable items for a job? How many times? "Yes, father I heard in that country ...". Here in Rome. Do not go far.

The Pope wonders what we would see if we were making a walk at night around certain areas of the city, where many women, many migrants, many non-migrants are exploited like in a market. He went on to point out that when men approaching these women not to say "Good evening", but" How much they cost? " and they salve their consciences by referring to them as prostitutes.

"You made her a prostitute, as Jesus says: whoever repudiates it exposes her to adultery, because you do not treat the woman well, the woman ends up like that, even exploited, enslaved, many times. "

The Pope concluded his homily by stressing how during his ministry Jesus encountered so many women who were despised, marginalized and cast aside and with great tenderness he restored their dignity. Jesus had a mother and “many female friends who followed him to help him in his ministry” and to “provide support,” he said.